New Messages

How do I know that I received a new message

New messages are received when you log on, at automatic intervals that you set, and on-demand when Get Mail is clicked.

You can set the new messages polling intervals from the Preferences>Mail tab to the how often you want new messages delivered to your mailbox.  The default is every 5 minutes.

You can enable desktop alerts for new mail notification. You set your preferences in the Preferences>Mail tab. Following are the alert options:

  • Play a sound. You are notified by a beep when a new email arrives in the Inbox.  If you have your volume set to mute, you will not here a sound.

  • Flash the Mail tab. The email tab is highlighted when new email arrives in the Inbox if you are not working in the Mail tab.

  • Flash the browser title. When new email arrives in the Inbox, the browser flashes until you open the Mail tab.

You can spot unread mail messages by looking for folders with a bold name and a number in parentheses next to the folder name.  For example, Inbox (22) indicates that there are a total of 22 unread messages that are contained within conversations that appear in your Inbox.