Vo Products

VO Mail Plus

Integrates many of the components of today's most advanced business infrastructures and combines them into one secure and easy to use web resource.

Features Include: Web MailAddress BookCalendarTask ListBriefcaseInstant MessagingMobile WebAuto Sync

VO Archive

A complaint, searchable and incorruptible way to store a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal messages created on your mail server. This feature is ideal (and sometimes required) for many compliance regulated industries.

VO Meeting

This easy-to-use collaboration tool for video conferencing allows users to share (internally or externally) their desktop, documents or presentations.

VO Encrypt

Virtual Office's email encryption tool protects all private, sensitive and valuable information sent out via your VO Mail plus account.

VO Project Manager

Create detailed project plans for your business by creating and managing schedules, listing tasks, assigning resources, and charting progress.

VO Docs

The most effective document management solution for workflow automation, managing, storing, retrieving, and revising documents.