Business Solutions

Virtual Office is a complete, secure, online office platform for businesses of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution that allows your business to effortlessly conduct business, use email, share documents, manage projects, automate workflows and auto sync without limits. It is a tool that will help improve productivity — all while saving thousands on IT overhead.

Core to this product is the ability to share information and work. This feature brings collaboration to a new level and allows co-workers and team members unparalleled tools for working together with no regard to geography.

Sharing Made Simple

  • Every resource in the system has the ability to be shared with other users on the system — using five different levels of access permissions. This includes email folders, entire in-boxes, calendars, file shares in the briefcase, and more.
  • Permissions can be provided to individual users and/or security groups to simplify new user integration.
  • Most resources can be shared securely to third parties just as easily as they can be shared with internal users.

Businesses of every size will appreciate the flexibility and scalability of Virtual Office. We invite you to see how Virtual Office can enhance your business today.