Setting You General Preferences

The General tab includes the following settings that you can change.

  • You are logged into the Advanced web client, but you can define your default client type here.

    • Advanced offers the full set of Web collaboration features. This Web Client works best with newer browsers and faster Internet connections.

    • Standard is recommended when Internet connections are slow, when using older browsers, or for easier accessibility.  

  • Theme is the background color for your mailbox interface. In the General tab, Themes displays a list of different background color you can select.

  • Default Timezone determines the date and time for messages that you send or receive and the time to display for Calendar appointments.  This can be different from your computer time zone configuration. If the time zone displayed on this tab is not correct, change it here.  

  • If Change password is displayed, you can change your password. If you have trouble changing your password, contact you administrator for the password rules. Contact your system administrator if you do not have this option and want to change your password.

  • In Search Settings, you can choose to automatically include the Junk and Trash folders in any search you perform. By default these folders are not searched.

  • In Search Language, check Always Show Search String to show search string details in the search text box at the top of the VOWC window.  

  • Settings check Display check boxes to quickly select items in lists (requires refresh) to display a checkbox for each item in the Content pane. When this is enabled, use the checkbox to select one or more items to perform the same action on, such as delete, move, mark as read/unread.