Marking Mail As Unread

Messages that you have opened are marked as read. Conversations containing unread messages are shown in bold.

You can set preferences for whether or not to mark a message as read when you read the message in the Reading Pane.  You can set your preference to mark a message that you review in the reading pane as read or only mark a message as read if you open it in the Content Pane (or in a separate window).  These can be set in the Preferences > Mail tab.

You can change a message's status back from read to unread by right-clicking on the message and choosing Mark as Unread from the menu that appears. You can also mark a conversation as unread.

  • Marking a conversation as unread marks all messages within that conversation as unread.

  • Marking a single message as unread marks the conversation that contains the message unread.

You can use the same method to mark unread mail as read.