Virtual Office Assistant

Virtual Office Assistant is an advanced user feature that provides a quick way to interact with Web Client using the keyboard to do the following tasks:

  • Create new appointments

  • Go to a specific date in your calendar

  • Create new contacts

  • Send a new mail message without changing the application you are currently using

You can open Virtual Office Assistant from any view except the Preferences tab. The keyboard shortcut to open Virtual Office Assistant is (back quote). This key can be found below the Escape (Esc) key.

The Virtual Office Assistant dialog offers detailed help. Below are the general steps for using Virtual Office Assistant.

  1.  From within the Virtual Office Web Client, use the shortcut key (either the back quote or shift tilde). The Virtual Office Assistant dialog displays.

  2. Enter one of the following commands

    • To create an appointment, type appointment. You can then enter a subject in quotes, the time, a date and day of week, and any notes for the appointment. Click OK.

    • To go to a specific date in your calendar, type calendar and the date, or the day of the week. Click OK.  Note: After the date you can enter the Calendar view you prefer, day, work week, week, or month. The Calendar opens in that view.

    • To create a new contact, type contact and enter the contact name, email address, etc. Click OK.  Note: If you want to open the Contacts detail form, click More Details. On this form you can specify which address book to add the contact name.

    • To send an email without opening the compose windows, type mail. Enter the subject in quotes; type to:name@address and then type the body of the message.  Click OK.