Setting Your Mail Preferences

The Mail tab includes the following preferences you can change.

Display. Select how many items (messages or conversations) to display per page. The default is to display 25 items per page, but you can select 10, 50, or 100 items per page.

Check for new mail every. Select the polling interval, which is how often your computer checks for new email. The default is every 5 minutes.  If you select Never, you must click Get Mail on the toolbar to get new mail.

Display Mail. Select As HTML (when possible) to display messages with HTML formatting, for example bold, colored, otherwise styled text. Select As Text to display messages in plain text format. In plain text format, HTML tags are displayed, not applied as markup to the message.

Message Preview options

Display snippets of email messages. When on, the first line in the email is displayed when the cursor is over the subject of a message. When off, only the first few words of the message are displayed.

If Double-click opens messages in new window is enabled, when you double-click a message, it opens in a new window

Enable Images to download pictures automatically to your HTML email message. When this is enabled, you do not need to click the display image message to see the image.

When I read a message in the reading pane sets the behavior for marking messages that are viewed from the Reading Pane as read or unread. You can configure to have messages marked as read immediately, marked as read after a defined number of seconds of viewing a message in the Reading Pane, or to always leave messages that are viewed in the Reading pane as unread.

Default Mail Search defines the search to execute when you log in. The results of this search are displayed in the Content pane when you log into your mailbox. The default search is your Inbox. Therefore, when you log in, the results of your Inbox display. You can change this field to have another folder, tag, or a saved search displayed when you first open the Virtual Office Web Client. See Query language description for the syntax.

When a message arrives. When receiving a message you can set how you want to be notified: play a sound, flash the Mail tab, flash the browser title. See Setting up desktop alerts.

Forward a copy to. Specify an address to forward your email to. You can have the original email deleted from your Virtual Office mailbox.

Specify whether to send an auto-reply message to incoming mail and set the start and stop date.  This is frequently used as an away message or vacation message saying that you are out-of-office, and what the message should say. You can also specify a start and stop date for using this message. See Vacation message.

Configure the Messages from me section to handle messages you send that include your address as one of the recipients of the message or that are included in an address, such as a mailing list that includes you.

If you are set up to use a POP3 client, you can configure the POP access behavior when messages are downloaded to VOWC. The POP access options are

Allow all mail, including old mail, to be downloaded.

Allow only mail from previously set date to be downloaded

Allow only mail from now (today's date) to be downloaded