Mail System Folders

The system folders are Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk, and Trash. You cannot move, rename, or delete these folders. System folders are always displayed at the top of your folder list, followed by any folders you create.

If you hover the cursor over a folder, the number messages in the folder and the size of the folder are displayed.


New mail arrives in the Inbox. By default, your Inbox is displayed after you log in.


A copy of each message you send is saved in the Sent folder.


Messages you have composed but have not sent can be saved in the Drafts folder. If you open a message in the Drafts folder, it opens in the Compose view.


Most filtering of unsolicited automated mail (aka "spam" or "junk mail") is handled by a spam filter before those mail messages reach your Inbox. Mail that might possibly be junk mail, but isn't certain to be junk, may be placed in your Junk folder. You can review these messages and either move them or delete them. If you don't delete them, they will  be purged after a period of time as specified by your email administrator.

  • If you find that you are receiving a large number of unwanted mail messages, contact your email system administrator. Reporting mail as spam helps your mail administrator to fine-tune any spam filtering that may be in use at your site.

If you find a message that is clearly not relevant, you can highlight it and click Junk on the toolbar. The mail is moved to your Junk folder.  Sometimes a message may be put in the Junk folder that is not really junk mail. Drag the message to another folder.

You can empty the Junk folder by right-clicking the folder from the left-hand pane and choosing Empty Junk. In addition, the contents of the Junk folder can be automatically purged after an administration-configured number of days.


Deleted items are placed in the Trash folder and remain there until you manually empty the trash or until the folder is purged automatically. Mail is purged from this folder after a specified period of time, as specified by your administrator.

You can empty the trash by right-clicking the folder from the left-hand pane and choosing Empty Trash.