Vo Project Manager

Powerful planning. Increase productivity.

VO Project Manager is a powerful planning tool that allows you to easily manage the details of each project to increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. Now, you can assemble all the people who are important to your business and enable them work together. VO Project Manager streamlines all of the details and planning for your projects, and keeps all of your data, records, negotiations discussions and related files in one place.

VO Project Manager lets you define the key points in the project, assign tasks, track progress, share files and discuss the entire process. VO Project Manager helps you streamline every project so each task runs smoothly and there are fewer costly 'one-offs', surprises or delays.

Full Control, Unlimited Storage

VO Project Manager gives you full control over your files and communications, with unlimited users, unlimited projects, and unlimited storage space.

Work more effectively with your entire team, plus all your clients and contractors in an intuitive, fully customizable space.

Integrated Features

Keep Projects on Track

VO Project Manager adds an environment for planning, progress tracking and communication that supports full gantt-chart level task dependencies within a project. Define what's important, assign tasks and communicate with your team and clients effectively.


Enjoy an environment that allows you to work collectively with internal users as well as 3rd parties. Manage your projects using two way email interaction with the project itself, assign tasks, share files, get alerts when something happens, discuss and comment. Everything is saved in the system and available for future reference.

Email Notifications

VO Project Manager sends you an email when something important happens. Simply reply to these notifications to post comments, or send new email messages to create tasks and start discussions.

Save Time

VO Project Manager allows you to maximize your workforce efficiency with truly effective project management that keeps your business on track. Create project templates, easily reschedule milestones or tasks and quickly add new discussions, tasks and more.