Getting Started

Virtual Office Collaboration Suite is a full-featured messaging and collaboration application offering reliable, high-performance email, address books, calendaring, task lists, and web document authoring capabilities.  

  • Your account may not include all the features mentioned. Check with your system administrator to see which features are enabled for your account.

You can access the following features from the Virtual Office Web Client (VOWC).


  • Compose and send new mail messages

  • Read and reply to mail messages

  • Track mail exchanges using the Conversation feature or optionally switch to a traditional message view

  • Include attachments with your message

  • Forward mail messages to one or more recipients

  • Search email messages and attachments by particular characteristics or specified text

  • Create your own folders to organize mail

  • Create tags with which to organize your mail

  • Create filters to route incoming mail to designated folders

  • Set up different account identities and addresses to manage different roles in your job or personal life

  • Configure your account to receive email from your POP3 or IMAP accounts directly into your VOWC mailbox.

  • Delegate permission to view or manage your mail folders

Address Book

  • Create and manage multiple address books

  • Import and export contact lists

  • Share personal address books


  • Create and manage multiple calendars

  • Create appointments, meetings, and events

  • Delegate permission to view or manage your calendars

  • See attendee's free/busy schedules

  • Import and export other calendar programs


  • Create multiple Tasks Lists

  • Create to-do tasks

  • Add attachments to your task

  • Manage a task, set the priority and track the progress

  • Delegate permissions to view or manager your Task Lists


  • Create multiple notebooks to organize your Web documents

  • Design pages using an HTML editor, create tables and spreadsheets, add graphics, and create links to Web pages

  • Delegate permissions to groups and individuals within your organization to create and edit your Documents notebooks

  • Delegate permission to the public to view your Documents notebooks


  • Upload any type of file to your briefcase so that you can access the file whenever you log on to VOWC

  • Create folders to organize files that you upload

  • Delegate permissions to view or manage your Briefcase folders

Instant Message (IM) Beta

  • Instant real-time communication

  • Create group chats or chat with individual buddies

  • Maintain a buddy list and see their availability status

  • Select your availability status or create a custom status message

  • Quickly send your chat by email

  • Chats are automatically saved to your Chat folder


  • Manage how your mailbox features work for Mail, Address Book and Calendar

  • Create mail filters

  • Assign shortcut keys to quickly access email folders, saved searches, and tags