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The Virtual Office collaboration suite is a powerful web-based business platform that provides users with document storage and editing, instant messaging, and the ability to sync with desktop client applications - all accessible through a central business "hub."

Now, you and your team can access email, manage projects, share work products , conduct web meetings, define workflow automation processes, chat, and auto sync with mobile and desktop client software without limits—and the web interface means that you have full functionality from anywhere in a secure and compliant manner.

Virtual Office connects people, processes, applications, and automated workflows for unparalleled productivity. From secure full-featured and archived enterprise email to enterprise-level file sharing, Virtual Office allows your team to function seamlessly — whether they're seated in the same office or located on separate continents!

Paying close attention to industry specific regulatory requirements, we provide your business with everything you need to get the job done in a compliant, easy to use, and accessible-from-anywhere online interface.

Explore a new level of productivity and collaboration with Virtual Office.

The Virtual Office Experience

Virtual Office is a unique online collaboration tool that brings together the most effective and useful office technology and tools in a single collaboration suite. Whether you require an office solution for a small office or a large corporate environment — we invite you to try Virtual Office today and experience for yourself our streamlined, maintenance free collaboration suite.

Cost and Savings

Is it really possible to increase productivity, provide a flexible and scalable office collaboration option, and save money? In a word — Yes. See for yourself how implementing Virtual Office can save you money through more efficient work practices all while drastically lowering the total cost of ownership for you organization.

Product Brochures

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