Web Mail

Virtual Office's full feature e-mail product allows you to search, tag, filter, and organize all of your e-mails.

It has the ability to use a native web based client or a more familiar client such as Outlook. You can also use your smartphone to send and receive e-mails on your VO account.

Virtual Office e-mail allows you the flexibility to set up multiple identities and e-mail addresses to manage all of the various roles in your business and personal life. The security of your information is assured as all data is sent over an HTTPS connection using 128bit SSL encryption.

Rich Email Features

  • Compose and send new e-mail messages
  • Read and reply to e-mail messages
  • Track e-mail exchanges using the Conversation feature or optionally switch to a traditional message view
  • Include attachments with your message
  • Forward e-mail messages to one or more recipients
  • Search e-mail messages and attachments by particular characteristics or specified text
  • Create your own folders to organize e-mail
  • Create tags to organize your e-mail
  • Create filters to route incoming e-mail to designated folders
  • Set up different account identities and addresses to manage different roles in your job or personal life
  • Configure your account to receive e-mail from your POP3 or IMAP accounts directly into your VOWC e-mailbox.
  • Delegate permission to view or manage your e-mail folders
  • Rely on security. All transmissions between your device, destination devices, and our servers are transmitted over HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques.