Vo Meeting

Accomplish more. Travel less.

VO Meeting offers you a powerful web conferencing tool that allows you to share any application on your computer in real time. This versatile conferencing interface allows participants anywhere in the world to join a meeting by using nothing more than a flash enabled web browser.

VO Meetings can be as simple as a one-on-one video chat, or as large as a 150 person training session. Meeting hosts and participants will find it flexible and easy to use. As the host, you can lead presentations or demonstrate applications by sharing your desktop. You can manage the way that participants interact by enabling or limiting cameras, audio, and chat features. And you can easily switch presenters on the fly, to allow any participant to contribute.

Features That Make a Difference

  • Can be used for presentations, video conferencing, remote meetings, e-learning and much more
  • Host up to 150 meeting participants at a time
  • Store presentation materials within VO Meeting for quick access from anywhere
  • Includes integrated VOIP audio with no per minute fees
  • Multi-lingual chat function, automatically translates the conversation into the users desired language
  • Can be used on any browser on any operating system

Integrated Features

Integrated VoIP

VO Meeting integrates voice over IP (VOIP) conferencing for all users. With just speakers and a microphone participants are connected with no per minute costs.


The presenter can upload any PDF presentation or office document and keep everyone in sync with functionality to zoom, pan, and see the presenter's curser.

Web Cam

Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.

Desktop Sharing

Go beyond slides. The presenter can broadcast their desktop to show participants their local applications and files. Works on Mac, Unix, and PC.