Vo Docs

Document Management Powering Productivity

VO Project Manager is a powerful planning tool that allows you to easily manage the details of each project to increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. Now, you can assemble all the people who are important to your business and enable them work together. VO Project Manager streamlines all of the details and planning for your projects, and keeps all of your data, records, negotiations discussions and related files in one place.

VO Project Manager lets you define the key points in the project, assign tasks, track progress, share files and discuss the entire process. VO Project Manager helps you streamline every project so each task runs smoothly and there are fewer costly 'one-offs', surprises or delays.

Virtual Office brings you VO Docs, the most effective revision tracking solution for managing, storing, retrieving, editing and revising documents. VO Docs supports users and process managers in a way that dramatically increases effectiveness.

Regardless of the business challenge, users are able to:

  • Find the right information quickly within the right business context
  • Automate through workflow approval process and document compilation automation
  • Collaborate and revise content more efficiently
  • Process documents with increased speed and accuracy
  • Store important business documents securely
  • Leverage important information assets while ensuring maximum security

VO Docs system features:

Capture paper and electronic documents from inside or outside the company via your method of choice, including e-mail, fax, scanning devices and manual upload.

You can maintain your documents' attributes with our bulk migration features.
All content undergoes optical character recognition (OCR), enabling full-text search.