Web Interface

What you see is your decision. Customize the look and feel of Virtual Office by adding your company's branding.

  • Add custom logos or other branding
  • Adjust the color palette and other appearance settings to match your company's
  • Include banner ads
  • Manage access to any core feature inside of VO on a per user or group basis
  • Powerful and easy-to-use; providing an outstanding user experience.

The Virtual Office Web Interface provides users with a highly interactive, desktop-like user experience (access via HTTPS). The Ajax-based interface gives users an instantaneous response to their inputs and queries.

This allows users to continually see what they're working on "in real time," and eliminates the need to refresh the entire page to update the information on it.

  • Rich, interactive, AJAX-based end user interface
  • Automatic web client updates
  • Online end user help
  • Keyword based ad serving - Ability to display ads based on content key-word filtering of the email body and subject line