Vo Archive

Discovery for Email Compliance

Archiving and compliance is the reality for today's organization (SOX, HIPAA, FRCP, corporate governance) but it can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. Many legacy solutions require expensive hardware, specialized administrative expertise, and are difficult to use.

The increased strain on your team and budget typically means lower compliance levels and can ultimately result in liability and decreased overall productivity.

Tackle the archiving problem

Adding VO Archive to your VO Mail plus accounts allows your company to fully support and comply with archiving and discovery requirements. As with all other Virtual Office services, we tackled the archiving problem by fixing what we think is broken in current solutions.

How VO Archive Works

VO Archive stores an incorruptible copy of all email communication (inbound and outbound) along with other correspondence for all VO Archive enabled accounts using a process that is transparent to the end-user.

The archived information also includes all original envelope headers and attachments. When needed authorized account administrators can be given access user's messages and attachments as copies. This archiving and discovery architecture ensures the integrity of the archive files and supports even the most stringent compliance protocols.

Consequently, VO Archive is:

Integrated it's much easier to use one combined email and archive system than bolt on and learn totally different 3rd party software.

Comprehensive powerful cross mailbox search indexing of all meta data and over 200 different attachments types.

Simple to use. VO Mail plus search is a far more effective way to manage complex discovery compared to standard text searching.

Cost effective. Compared to other industry leading solutions VO Archive is 3-5x more cost effective while offering more extensive feature and functionality.