Workflow And Collaboration

Solutions for Streamlining Simple or Complex Business Processes

Virtual Office workflow and collaboration solutions are designed to deliver organizational benefits including cost-efficiencies and streamlined operations. In areas ranging from simple workflow processes that enhance document management to sophisticated business process management (BPM), Virtual Office has an easy–to–deploy and easy–to–use way to improve your business and achieve your objectives. Virtual Office offers three powerful methods to automate your process: Routing and Approval, Advanced Workflow and Document Rules.

Routing and Approval provides simplified ad hoc or predefined workflow processes. For example, Virtual Office can help reduce the amount of time it takes to review and edit a redlined contract from a prospective client. A Virtual Office user has the option of choosing a predefined contract review process or creating a new workflow on the fly. Routing and Approval facilitates the routing of the contract for edits and approval from one participant to the next in an organized and timely manner. Email alerts are automatically sent to ensure follow–up. The result is faster turnaround on contracts and visibility into the contract review process.

Routing and approval features:

  • Serial and parallel reviews
  • Define and save templates for frequently used processes
  • Ad hoc routing and approval: create new workflows on the fly
  • Time duration on every step
  • Escalation of overdue actions
  • Mandatory or optional participation: skip users who don't take action
  • Optional reassignment of work to other Virtual Office users

Virtual Office routing and approval combines ease–of–use with many sophisticated features

Document Rules take actions on documents when certain events occur. For example, this feature could enable an AP manager to automatically move an invoice from an approver's folder to an invoice processor's "Approved Invoices" folder when an invoice is approved. Creating a Document Rule requires just a few mouse clicks. Once a document is uploaded, moved to a folder or checked out – to name a few options – a Document Rule can then route that document to a specific folder or workflow, enter new attributes (metadata) and perform similar actions, saving your team members from time–consuming manual steps.

Advanced Workflow is built on a powerful BPM engine that enables users to create simple or complex rules–based workflows. Advanced Workflow can be employed in processes such as accounts payable (AP), claims processing, human resources and many others.


Virtual Office provides a secure collaboration model for your company as well as with partners, customers and remote workers – all from a single central location on the Web that eliminates the need for on-premises group collaboration software.