Security Reliability And Availability

Virtual Office Security: Protecting Your Valuable Content

Virtual Office provides a secure environment for your documents in all phases of their use, transfer and storage with features such as:

  • SAS 70 Type II certification
  • Strong passwords, access control, audit trails and data encryption to ensure a high level of security at the application level
  • VeriSign secure, 128-bit RSA encryption (SSL) for secure transfer of data
  • 24/7/365 security monitoring of our application services
  • Document access settings by user roles, groups, or individuals
  • Safeguarding key documents from ever being deleted

All aspects of our cloud document management and workflow solution encompass three key areas of security:

Core Application and Infrastructure

From enterprise-class hardware and software — neither of which you ever have to worry about maintaining — to your in-house administrators’ ability to limit access to sensitive information, Virtual Office provides the core application security features you want with the heavy duty infrastructure you need.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

We worry about worst-case scenarios so you don’t have to. Hardware redundancy, daily backups of your data and more ensure you’re safe from hackers and disasters.

Security Controls and Management

Outside security auditors, accreditation firms (like the Center for Internet Security and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals), and certifications such as SAS Type II help Virtual Office management stay on top of the latest security trends before threats turn into system failures.