From Bottlenecks to Status Checks, Gain Visibility into Your Business with Built–In Reporting

At Virtual Office, we know that what can’t be measured can’t be improved. Reports provide the information you need to continually streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency. That’s why Virtual Office offers comprehensive reporting options for workflows and your users’ document activity.

Standard Reporting

From a simple way to see how many documents you have checked out to the details of every user’s activity in Virtual Office, Standard Reports generate the information you need in seconds.

Custom Reporting

Use simple drop–down menus to create Custom Reports on documents and metadata.

You can also select folders, workflow steps or other object you want to include in the Custom Report.

Advanced Reporting

Our Client Services team can create reports and sub-reports with any parameters and values you specify. Advanced Reports include data stored not only in Virtual Office but also in different systems (like CRM or ERP programs).