Document Management

Easy-to-Use Document Management Features

Virtual Office brings you the most effective solution for managing, storing, retrieving, and editing and revising documents.

Virtual Office’s document management features enables users and process managers a way to dramatically increase effectiveness. Regardless of the business challenge, users are able to:

  • Find the right information quickly within the right business context
  • Include information stored in other systems in search queries
  • Collaborate and revise content more efficiently
  • Process documents with increased speed and accuracy
  • Securely store your important business documents
  • Leverage important information assets while ensuring maximum security

Virtual Office Document Management features include:

Document Revision and Version Control allowing users to manage the creation, revision, storage, routing and auditing of electronic documents, including:

  • File check-in and check-out
  • Viewing, mark-up and annotation
  • Version control
  • Secure file storage
  • Routing and approval of documents
  • Full audit trails showing all activities on each document

Search features are robust and include the ability to search by text, title, author and attribute fields (metadata), and Advanced Search queries allow users to refine their searches to a granular level, returning only the best matches.

File Organization is easy to use because it includes a classic folder-tree structure to display and manage folders and files. When browsing , the folder tree is displayed on the left side of the application, making it a snap to locate and organize files. You can also link related documents that share common attributes and create virtual document sets. These features are designed to streamline business processes by grouping documents that are referenced simultaneously. If you prefer, you can use keyword tags or metadata instead of folders to organize documents.

Storage allows for secure, permission-based access from anywhere with Internet access takes the headache out of centralized storage and accessibility. To ensure you’re not storing data you’ll never need, administrators can specify how many previous versions should be retained. Regardless of whether you have a gigabyte, terabyte or even more data, Virtual Office can help you manage your data and files.

Reporting and Alerts keep you informed as things change in your system. For instance, when new documents are added to an important folder or when you have work to complete in a workflow, Virtual Office Document Management will inform you of the changes either in real time or with a daily summary.

Reports are an important component of the Virtual Office document management solution, and help you measure the productivity benefits of your organization’s document–centric applications. Options range from Basic Reporting, to Advanced Reporting and Custom Reporting.

Access and Permissions are easily set to define access levels, and viewing, editing and deleting privileges – and can be set at the document or folder level. Virtual Office even allows you to explicitly grant or deny document access to individuals, user roles or entire groups. You can even limit users’ ability to download, view and leave online-only comments to documents that further enables sharing with large, diverse communities.