Deliver the right documents – to the right user – at the right time

Virtual Office understands that how content is delivered to users is a critical element in business effectiveness. Virtual Office dramatically improves the once-burdensome task of document delivery by offering multiple delivery methods such as fax, email and even Print on Demand with just a few clicks of your mouse – saving you valuable time and ensuring that each user receives content in the way that is most productive and relevant.

Whether you need to deliver documents to customers, team members or consultants, Virtual Office's delivery methods enable you to:

  • Choose between online or offline delivery methods based upon your immediate need — you can always choose the best method to deliver content to the intended recipient.
  • Send links to documents stored in Virtual Office rather than including attachments, ensuring delivery to users who may have email system size limitations.
  • Establish preferred methods to send documents to individuals and groups in their preferred way — whether by email, fax or postal mail.
  • Request electronic signatures from directly within Virtual Office to expedite approval of contracts and other documents requiring signatures.
  • Quickly and easily create public folders that anyone can access via the Internet so non-sensitive documents like forms and general information are available to broad communities.
  • Deliver documents in their native formats or as PDFs.

With Virtual Office you get the right content to the right user quickly and efficiently — and everything is delivered in a method that is most beneficial to that user and to your business.

Online Delivery

Virtual Office offers online delivery that distributes documents to team members quickly without forcing you to abandon established, working practices. You can send links to documents in Virtual Office via your preferred email program (like Microsoft Outlook). Recipients can easily read the notes you've included in emails and save valuable storage space because you haven't attached any documents. Emails are never rejected because large attachments are blocked by the system. And when recipients click on a link, they are also guaranteed to see the most current version of any document they review, ending the round-robin email process of editing documents.

Send and share files with many recipients using multiple formats and channels

You can also send the documents via Virtual Office with a single click. Documents can be sent in their native formats or as PDFs without the nuisance of conversion. Recipients can quickly skim PDFs or open the native formats when edits and revisions are necessary. Of course, online delivery isn't limited to your team members, vendors and partners. You can create and place documents in public folders that anyone with Internet access can retrieve. Simply send recipients the public folder's URL to grant them access to multiple documents.

Request for Electronic Signature saves you the hassle (and prolonged wait) of physically mailing documents that require signatures. When you send a document for electronic signature, the recipient receives an email containing a link to the document and steps to complete the electronic signature. If a written signature is required, the recipient can fax a paper copy to a toll-free number. Regardless of signature method, the signed document is automatically stored as the latest version in Virtual Office.

Offline Delivery

Offline delivery enables you to employ the efficiency of Virtual Office's document management and workflow solution for documents that aren't delivered electronically.

Instead of printing documents and waiting as the painfully slow fax machine sends them, simply fax documents from within Virtual Office. Once you've selected which individuals or groups should receive documents via fax, the settings remain intact for all future documents you fax.

The same settings you use to deliver documents via fax also enable you to use Print on Demand and print, bind and ship documents via UPS or USPS. Printed documents are mailed directly from Virtual Office's central office, which leaves you completely free of coordinating the production and delivery of printed documents.

Mixed-method Delivery

Virtual Office doesn't limit you to exclusively using offline or online delivery. Certain documents and scenarios require multiple delivery methods. Mixed-method delivery allows you to customize how recipients receive documents for long-term delivery and on case-by-case bases.

Individuals and groups in your Virtual Office Address Book contain delivery preferences that include email, fax or mail — or any combination of the three. Once you establish preferred delivery methods, all future documents are sent in the same manner. But as special situations necessitate different delivery methods, changing them is as easy as setting them.

For example, if recipients need hardcopies mailed or faxed but also want the original version, you would click the Mail and Email check boxes. The email would include native formats and PDFs of the documents and the mailed versions would be professionally printed and bound.

Virtual Office document delivery encompasses all the delivery methods you'll ever need. The flexibility to easily switch between delivery methods coupled with the advantage of one platform that can serve so many recipients means a convenient, cost-effective solution you can use for any situation.