Virtual Office Makes it Easy to Capture and Store Every Type of Document for Business Efficiency

Virtual Office Document Management is designed to capture the broadest range of paper and electronic documents in whatever manner makes sense for your business process and to leverage technology to automatically turn that content into readily accessible assets. Once captured, all document types — faxes, e-mails, scanned images and electronic documents — can be filed, classified, searched and managed in a unified manner.

With Virtual Office Document Management you can:

  • Upload electronic documents directly from MS Office Applications, Windows Explorer, your preferred Web browser and in bulk via FTP.
  • Receive electronically signed documents and automatically route them to the appropriate location.
  • Assign email addresses and fax numbers to any folder in the system to automatically capture content that can be acted upon immediately or shared with all team members.
  • Upload directly from high-volume scanners and MFPs for a rapid, automated process.
  • Integrate a Web services layer with ERP and CRM systems that enables you to use one system for all your document management and workflow needs.
  • Upload and migrate documents in bulk with FTP or SFTP while retaining all original attributes (index data or metadata).
  • "Print" to Virtual Office from any program that can support a printer - even print from Web sites.
  • Scan directly to Virtual Office from any TWAIN-based scanner; name and categorize your documents as they are scanned; and upload directly to specified folders quickly and efficiently.

Once captured, all documents uploaded into Virtual Office are:

  • Scanned with optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert documents such as faxes and scanned images to fully text searchable documents.
  • Converted to PDFs that can be downloaded and shared with others.
  • Classified with metadata that can be assigned by Virtual Office automatically or by users at the point of capture or later.
  • Available for Barcode reading, Zone OCR and Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) to eliminate manual indexing.

Virtual Office Document Management allows you to incorporate all of your documents, regardless of format, into one versatile and easy-to-use solution.