Get Up-and-Running Quickly Without Sacrificing Control

What good is a document management and workflow solution that requires extensive customization to meet your business needs? Not much at all, unless you have months to wait for a working solution.

"Solution" shouldn’t be limited to streamlining and improving your current document management and workflow processes. A solution should also include easily configurable administration and security options. Fortunately, you can easily change how Virtual Office functions without writing a single line of code. Virtual Office is the solution that gets your business up–and–running promptly with the administration and security options you can use without extensive – and expensive – professional services and consulting.

Virtual Office includes everything you need to get your team members working quickly without changing your established business practices:

  • Add users and assign preconfigured user roles to them based upon their document–access needs.
  • Create distribution groups for quick delivery of documents and initiation of workflow and collaboration.
  • Customize the appearance of Virtual Office to include your business’ branding and logo’s color scheme.
  • Turn system features on and off as you need them, including document expiration.
  • Change the behavior of many system features including the permissions given to guest users and the ranking of search results
  • Enable Web services integration to bypass the Virtual Office user interface.
  • Establish access settings at the document or folder levels.

Administration features include:

Configurability: Virtual Office doesn’t make you settle for out–of–the–box solutions or expensive consulting to change key administrative settings.

User Management: From establishing security settings on information–sensitive documents to adding new users, we’ve made every user management task simple enough for you in–house Virtual Office administrator to perform.

User Interface: Change the look and feel or display settings for different types of users effortlessly.