Vo Security Standards

Virtual Office Global, LLC

Statement of Security Standards

Virtual Office Global, LLC takes its commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers' data very seriously. While exact internal processes and procedures are not publicly available, Virtual Office Global, LLC has released this Statement of Security Standards to aid customers in their due diligence process and demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

Physical Security

Virtual Office Global, LLC maintains physically secure working offices and datacenters. Access to working officesare limited to workforce members and contractors with entry only via an electronic key fob system. Guests are required to sign-in and are escorted at all times by a workforce member.After hours, premises are locked via the electronic key fob system and manual key locks and protected by a monitored alarm system and 24x7 video surveillance. Additionally, Virtual Office Global, LLC houses its production systems in state-of-the-art data centers featuring multiple layers of access control including 24x7guard staff, biometric screening, digital video surveillance and customer defined control lists. Furthermore Virtual Office Global uses its own dedicated hosting cabinets; secure from other data center customers.

Administrative Security

Virtual Office Global, LLC recognizes that good security begins with good administrative controls. Workforce member's access to data is defined by job description with minimal access necessary to perform their role. All accesses granted are documented and reviewed systematically. Virtual Office Global, LLC requires all workforce members to sign confidentiality agreements and acknowledgement of responsibilities while working with sensitive data. Every workforce member is trained from hire date on security roles and responsibilities and Virtual Office Global, LLC performs mandatory training throughout employment.

Technical Security

Virtual Office Global, LLC utilizes industry standard technical security measures to safeguard sensitive data. Our systems were created with multiple security zonesat multiple levels within our networking and computing environment. Additionally, our networks and servers are protected with multiple tiers of commercial grade firewalls; your data is transmitted using enterprise grade SSL encryption; automated diagnostics check for viruses, spy/malware, and spam; systems are regularly audited for security threats. Virtual Office Global, LLC has invested significantly in redundant environmental controls (power and cooling) and computing and network hardware to maximize uptime and availability.